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Real Estate Business Plan: Setting Goals & Reviewing

Real Estate Business Plan: Components

Real Estate Business Plan: Why Create

Reading and a Understanding Land Survey

What is a Land Survey, and Are They Required?

5 Great Reasons to Purchase a Land Survey

Land Survey Fun Facts

Breakdown of a Land Survey

Time, Force Majeure and Escrow Closing Procedure

Municipal Lien Search and Surveys

Seller Disclosure and Property Maintenance

Contract Cancellations, EMD Disputes, Default and Dispute Resolutions

Crucial Contract Dates and Financing

Importance of Legal Description and Contingencies

Deed of Record and Ways to Take Title

What Happens When You Don't Pay Your Taxes

Pros and Cons of a Purchasing a Tax Deed

How Does a Tax Deed Sale Work?

Understanding Florida Property Taxes and Tax Cycles

What to Look Out for During the Bankruptcy Process

What Property is Included in a Bankruptcy Estate Docket?

What is a Bankruptcy and What Are the Rules?

Why You Need a Comprehensive Lien Search When Buying a Home

Special Assessments, Code & Permits

Who Pays for the Code Issues, & Do I Need to Order a Lien Search for Vacant Land?

How a Contract Change Affects the Information Searched, and What to Do About It

Every Realtors Must-Know List Before a Hurricane Strikes

Intro to RON

How RON Works

March 2020 Real Estate Market Data Update

What To Do When You Get a Short Sale Listing

Short Sale BPOs & Appraisals

What is a Short Sale?

Unlawful Inducements


What Does the Future Hold for Real Estate after COVID-19?

Tips for Transaction Coordinators

What Real Estate Professionals Can Do to Make the Closing Process Smooth During COVID-19

Things Real Estate Professionals Should Do to Make Sure They Get to the Closing Table

What Obstacles TC’s are Facing During COVID-19

How is COVID-19 Affecting Lenders from a TC’s prospective

How TC’s are seeing Contract Times During the Pandemic

Appraisals - 120 Days After Closing?

Discussion on the COVID-19 In-Person Access Acknowledgment Form & LPOAs

Lending Guideline Updates During COVID-19

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