June 29, 2022

6 Tips for a Successful Open House

Open houses can bring the perfect buyer to the negotiating table or attract enough interest in your home to spark a bidding war. Here are six tips to help you pull off a flawless open house for your sellers:

  1. Deep Clean & Declutter

    Cleanliness signals to buyers that the home has been kept in great condition and is most likely in good repair. Remind your sellers to wipe down all surfaces and put away all scattered items. If the home feels suffocating or cramped, advise the sellers to remove some items for the open house.

  2. Spruce Up the Exterior

    Advise your sellers to cut the lawn, trim hedges, clear debris, pressure wash the exterior, repair any exterior issues, and touch up the paint. This will give a good first impression as potential buyers pull up to the home.

  3. Stay Away from the House

    Ensure your sellers understand the importance of staying away from the home during the open house. This includes pets, too. As friendly as they may think their pet can be, some people are allergic to animals or can get turned off from evidence of a pet. This is another reason to make sure the home is deep cleaned to rid the home of lingering pet evidence.

  4. Shine the Light

    Bright, open rooms feel more spacious and inviting. Open the blinds and put brighter light bulbs in lamps to help brighten the space.

  5. Team Up with Other Professionals

    Ask a local lender, home repair specialist, decorator, or representative from your closing/settlement agency to attend the open house and provide information about their services.

  6. Provide Property Details

    Have property fact sheets with photos and local comparables available for everyone who visits your open house.

Hosting an open house doesn’t have to be stressful. If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to find success and sell your listing fast.

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