Seller Information Form

In order for our office to ensure an efficient closing, please complete the following information.

General Closing Information

  1. You may be entitled to a significant discount on title insurance if you have owned your home for less than three years at the time of closing and we obtain a copy of your owner’s policy of title insurance you received at the time of purchase. If you cannot find the policy, we may be able to obtain it from the title company that conducted the closing.
  2. If you hold title to the property in a trust, we will need to review a copy of the trust documents and any amendments.
  3. If the property is your primary/homestead residence, your spouse will need to sign the Deed, even if the property is held in your name alone or you are legally separated from your spouse – this is due to the Florida homestead requirements.
  4. If you are not a U.S. Citizen or Resident Alien, even if you hold title to the property in an LLC or Corporation, please let us know immediately as the IRS imposes significant penalties if the proper withholding is not submitted after the closing.
  5. Please sign the Mortgage Payoff form and return it to our office so that we may obtain a payoff figure for your first mortgage, second mortgage, and home equity line, if any. Any extra payoff funds will be returned to you by the lender(s) along with any escrow balance once they reconcile your account. This may take several weeks after the closing.
  6. Open or expired permits or unpermitted improvements are not a title issue. Please speak with your realtor about determining if permit issues exist and how to close them. While we do order a municipal lien search which may reveal permit issues, we often do not receive the search report until well after the inspections period in the contract. Permit issues are specifically addressed in the real estate contract.
  7. If there is a homeowner’s or condo association, we may need to pre-pay for the “estoppel” letter as we prepare for closing. If we order an estoppel letter on your behalf and the closing does not occur for any reason, it is your responsibility to promptly reimburse us for the estoppel letter fee or pay the association
  8. Our office is here to ensure you have a smooth closing. Please contact us with any and all questions you have about the process.