Selling a home quickly is a good situation, but just how rapidly homes sell in today’s market often catches buyers and sellers off guard. Some of the best buyer, seller and investor tips include preparing with financial paperwork and enlisting the help of a qualified and reputable real estate team. A recent article by explains that the time to sell a home dropped from 11 weeks to three weeks when comparing the market five years ago to today. In Pinellas County, Florida, homes in the entry-level or starter home category sell even faster. For successful home buying and selling in a quick-to-sell market, experts recommend leveraging the Internet. While it’s not a good idea to buy a home sight unseen, enlist the help of friends or relatives who live in Pinellas County to check out properties if you are out of town.

Making your listing the hot new one

In a quick-to-sell market, sellers come out ahead by listing only after getting all of the details lined up. Thoroughly clean, organize and stage a home before listing it for sale. Sellers who list a home “as is” often leave money on the table because a few improvements net large profits in many instances. For example, simply removing carpeting to reveal the hardwood floors often boosts value. Freshly painting interior walls, cleaning the grout lines, tearing down wallpaper and storing personal belongings and grooming supplies also improve the appeal. To stand out, contemplate a “wow factor,” such as a special backsplash that’s more expensive than the typical kitchen backsplashes or a special entryway floor. Choose a wow factor that is easily photographed.

Staying proactive as a buyer

Buyers have the most to worry about in a fast-paced seller’s market because the Pinellas County home they love could easily disappear. To beat out the competition, experts recommend obtaining a pre-approval letter. Write an introductory letter to go along with any home offers that explain what you love about the home and the area. Compliment the owners when composing the letter. Negotiations are all about give and take, but buyers today have less wiggle room. Remain open and flexible about closing dates. A great tip is to have a month-to-month rental lined up in case you have to wait to get into your new home.

Analysts expect the housing market to continue to experience phenomenal growth. At International Title Partners, we encourage clients to close in our office or their own office or home at no extra charge. For more buyer, seller and investor tips and trends with Pinellas County real estate, please contact us.