In most parts of the country, people list their homes during the summer for maximum exposure as people house hunt during summer recess from school. In Pinellas County, Florida, home owners prepare for the home selling season as snowbirds and tourists visit during the winter. According to an article by, an influx of houses hit the housing market during tourist buying season in Florida. Some of the best buyer, seller and investor tips for the tourist buying season include viewing the transaction like a business. Experts point out people generally clean their homes and decorate for company, but sometimes open their home to potential buyers without preparing. When viewing a house as an investment, it’s less likely you will overpay when buying or overcharge when selling based on emotions and sentiment.

Putting away evidence of renovations

When selling, one mistake people make is leaving out evidence of a remodel or problems. Don’t leave out broken screens even if you plan to fix them. While putting up red tape to mark problem areas is a great idea, make all important repairs before potential buyers walk through. Other mistakes home sellers make is leaving the garage door open and letting a pet roam freely during a showing.

Making a first impression

Real estate experts suggest boosting curb appeal to make a good first impression. Just as people who use dating sites show their most attractive self, home sellers should accentuate the home’s assets. Although it’s a seller’s market, hundreds of home sit on the market for more than a year because of poor curb appeal as well as an inflated selling price.

Other mistakes people make when preparing for home buying and selling season is putting ugly photographs online. Also, be aware of signals you send buyers. For example, having tools, empty paint cans and other signs of handyman work makes buyers think the home is in disrepair. Having too many locks on the doors makes people wonder about whether it’s a safe neighborhood. At International Title Partners, we share all the latest buyer, seller and investor tips. For more information about title insurance policies and real estate in Pinellas County, please contact us. We facilitate closings in our Belleair Bluffs office as well as your home or office.