When selling a home, it’s important to market not only the house but the prestigious neighborhood. But what if you aren’t sure whether buyers will consider it a good community? When it comes to the best buyer, seller and investor tips, location is always a key factor. Most neighborhoods have some positive characteristics even if it’s based on the future as an “up-and-coming” area. According to a piece by curbed.com, potential buyers love cultural amenities, public transit, and vibrant street life. People often find such qualities in cities as well as suburbs. In Pinellas County, sellers play up the access to beaches as well as fine dining, artistic venues, and other perks.

Knowing your budget

It’s not cheap to live in a prestigious neighborhood. Some buyers make the mistake of assuming they can rent out their home part of the year or turn the home into an investment property. However, check with your real estate agent about local homeowner association rules as well as Pinellas County restrictions related to vacation rentals and short-term rentals.

Tracking the path

Another good idea before investing in homes is to check home value as well as the projected path of growth. Oftentimes home values rise in pocket neighborhoods snuggled between other prestigious communities. Find a bargain in communities likely to experience gentrification.

As a seller, point out to your agent or to potential buyers the existing neighborhood amenities. Distinctive neighborhoods often are within walking distance to coffee shops and stores. Some areas boast community gardens. Before buying, walk around the neighborhood instead of relying on Internet data. Sometimes crime statistics don’t give you the entire picture. By talking to neighbors, business owners and local police, it’s easier to find out whether crime is going up or down in a particular community. At International Title Partners, we provide consumers with reasonably priced closing charges and no hidden fees. Talk to us about closing in our office in Belleair Bluffs. We also come to your home or office for no additional fees. For more buyer, seller and investor tips, contact us.