While people don’t stop buying Pinellas County real estate after hurricanes such as Hurricane Irma, they are wary of some beachfront properties, some real estate agents say. On the other hand, the fact that so many homes remained unscathed by recent hurricanes reinforces the idea that it’s possible to enjoy waterfront living without worries. During the recent hurricane season, more home owners and potential buyers familiarized themselves with “flood zone maps” and hurricane evacuation routes. According to a piece by tampabay.com, every state has natural disaster worries and weather concerns. For example, home owners in California worry about wild fires and earthquakes.

Paying attention to the inspection

When buying Pinellas County real estate after a major hurricane, pay special attention to the inspection. Experts point out people want to buy homes in good condition. When selling, highlight special features such as hurricane-proof windows, hurricane shutters, new roofs and other amenities. If you are buying a home that experienced hurricane damage, expect possible delays due to further inspections.

Looking for flood damage

Hurricane Elena more than three decades ago caused massive flooding. When buying a Pinellas County home, check the home owner’s insurance policy for flood coverage. Also, look carefully for any signs of flood damage such as mildew, stains and wet spots or buckling floors. If the roof shows damage from a storm, clear up the issue before going to closing.

Some of the highlights in the aftermath of a storm include beautiful renovations to homes. Also, builders tend to demand higher hurricane standards throughout time. Most real estate agents see now down turn in home buying in the aftermath of hurricane season. Although flood insurance is often costly, shop around for the best rates. At International Title Partners, we help our clients buying homes in Pinellas County, Florida. For more information about how hurricanes affect the real estate industry in Florida, please contact us.