In the gig economy, one of the ways investors make money is by starting an Airbnb or bed-and-breakfast. When selling Pinellas County real estate, it pays to understand the mindset of a potential buyer interested in turning your home into a short-term rental home. Pinellas County is a great area to own a home for an Airbnb investment because of the nearby beaches, restaurants, and attractions. Consider a few buyer, seller and investor tips related to an Airbnb property. According to an article by, owning a short-term rental home is often a smart decision in the sharing economy.

Checking HOA rules

Before marketing your Pinellas County real estate as a potential short-term rental home or buying a home, check the homeowner association rules. Most of the Pinellas County laws protect Airbnb “hosts.” The county collects taxes from guests.

Figuring out the costs

Owning a short-term rental home is not the same as a long-term rental. While landlords often pay for new appliances, fresh paint, and carpet, Airbnb hosts often spend money on breakfast, refreshments, towels, bedding and blankets for their guests. When eyeing properties to use for your business, factor in cleaning costs, pool services, and utility bills.

Avoiding homes with open plans

If you plan to use only part of a home for an Airbnb investment and part of the home as your personal residence or for an adult child, avoid open space plans. Instead, opt for homes with split floor plans, a home within a home concept or in-law suites. Most guests prefer privacy and personal space. When selling a home in Pinellas, consider staging to appeal to potential investors.

Other important tips include choosing a home with plenty of parking space, separate entryways, and nice views. Make sure the home looks good in photographs for the Airbnb site. At International Title Partners, LLC, we help buyers, sellers and investors interested in closing on a Pinellas County property. Whether you want to live in a home or buy an investment property, we provide budget-friendly title services. For more important buyer, seller and investor tips, please contact us today.