Buying a home is one of the most expensive – and most stressful – purchases anyone will make in their lifetime. Finding just the right home, at just the right price, can be a long, drawn-out process fraught stress. Stress that the buyer has chosen the right home, stress that the financing is right for their budget, stress that their new home will not immediately need budget-busting repairs soon after the sale is closed. Providing a home warranty with a home you have on the market can relieve much of this buyer stress while guaranteeing that your home sells faster.

A home warranty provides potential buyers with a financial safety net to help cope with sudden, unexpected expenses resulting from breakdowns or other problems with critical systems or major appliances in the home after purchase. Although coverage varies from policy to policy, covered items generally cover such things as plumbing, heating and cooling systems, electrical wiring, and appliances included in the sale such as refrigerators, washers or dryers. A major failure in any of these systems – such as a burst pipe – could quickly become a major expense for a new home owner.

Home warranties generally cost sellers between $300 and $500 and are transferred to the new homeowner at the sale closing. Once transferred, the warranties generally last for one year; however, the homeowner generally has an option to extend the warranty or obtain new or additional warranty coverage.

The cost of the policy is far outweighed by the benefits it brings to the seller as well as the peace of mind it brings to the buyer.

Market research has shown that homes with home warranties generally sale in one-half the time of similar homes with no home warranties.

In addition, home warranties are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after features potential buyers look at when evaluating new homes and are featured prominently in home listings.

Home warranties are one way that you, as a seller, can attract the buyer you need while providing them with the peace of mind to know that their new dream home will be a smart investment for them.

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