Real estate agents have long recommended home staging as a way to sell your home faster. When a homeowner decides to place their house on the market, it stops being their home and becomes a product for sale. Ultimately, home staging is both the art and science of making a home for sale more appealing to buyers. That said, one of the newest trends in home staging is pop-up furniture. The goal of home staging is creating an environment in which the buyer sees themselves living in the home.

The goal of home staging is creating an environment in which the buyer sees themselves living in the home. Some of what is done include decluttering the house, rearranging or eliminating items, adding or removing artwork, stylizing bookshelves and displays, and other cosmetic changes. In years past, the use of leased furniture was a way of making a home show better and appear more enticing. However, because of the cost, this option was limited to only the higher end of the real estate market and luxury homes. Today, pop-up furniture is a more affordable option and is budget-friendly for the typical homeowner.

What is pop-up furniture? Essentially, it is furniture built using inexpensive materials, such as corrugated plastic or cardboard. However, it creates the illusion of new and stylish furniture. Pop-up furniture can look like expensive tables, chairs, and sofas. Moreover, pop-up furniture is an excellent solution in situations where the property is empty. If you move or are transferred before selling your home, and the house is left vacant, home buyers have a very difficult time imagining themselves living in a house that is empty.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for an inexpensive solution, that will make your home more stylish and sell faster, pop-up furniture may be right for you. A professional home stager understands how to improve the marketability of your property. In many instances, home staging will increase the final price and shorten the time to sell. Ask if pop-up furniture will work within your home’s target market.

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