Curb appeal is one of the most important ingredients in selling a home. The term “curb appeal” means everything prospective buyers see as they drive up to your house. It includes the home’s exterior, the yard, any garden, and anything placed in the front (trellises, for example, or porches).

If curb appeal is missing — if a home needs a fresh coat of paint or weeds need to be pulled — it can kill the sale. First impressions matter, and what a maybe buyer sees from the curb is the house’s first impression. In addition, poor maintenance of anything that is part of curb appeal may give prospective buyers a sense that the home has not been well maintained, or will have upkeep issues that they will have to pay for.

Here are three tips to enhance your curb appeal.

  1. Paint your house if it needs it. If your home will need paint in the next two to three years, do it now. It can pay for itself in the resale value of your house. It may also help to sell your house more quickly than other homes in the neighborhood.
  2. Clean or replace siding. Power wash your siding. If it needs it, it should be replaced as well.
  3. Make sure your lawns and gardens are well weeded and lawns mowed. They should look well maintained, green, and colorful.
  4. If you have lawn furniture or any other items visible from the curb, remove them. Why? Well, your yard needs to look neutral so prospective buyers can see themselves living there. If they can see a picnic table, or an above-ground pool, and wouldn’t have these items themselves, it can break the sense that it could be their house. If they don’t have children, they might not want a pool, or not want the maintenance. It can make them feel chilly toward your house. Make sure they feel warm!

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