Title insurance is title insurance and title insurance rates are always the same but title companies are different.

International Title Partners is at the leading edge of title company work and, as such, we bring advantages and benefits to the different parties involved in a real estate transaction.

Let’s take a look at each in turn to show that all title companies are not the same.

If You Are a Realtor

As a Realtor, whether you act as a transaction broker or a single agent, you work hard to bring a transaction to fruition. You might have worked hard and spent a lot on advertising to market a listing. Or you might have worked just as hard to show your Buyer properties and to find them exactly the right one. Your clients trust you. They most likely will not buy or sell another property for years. They need, want and expect the transaction to close on time and free from problems.

They bring their concerns to you – at any time of the day or night!

So, on the one hand, you want the title work to be properly managed from start to finish. You want to know there is an experienced and competent hand on the tiller. There are many title company offices to choose from and it is good to know that in ITP you have a title agent who recognizes and understands these ‘below the line’ pressures.

To us it is not just about a title file; it is about the hopes, aspirations and lives of real people – Buyers, Sellers and Realtors. We bring compassion to our work and we want it to show. We want you, as a Realtor, to know you can relax once you’ve chosen to use ITP to close the sale.

Title agents take pride in doing things right first time and on time. But sometimes there is a problem. The title search shows a break in the chain or an old tax bill that wasn’t paid shows up after many dormant years.

Sometimes the problem is caused by a reasonable request from the Seller. Here’s an example – the Seller is an overseas resident and believes that they can make the most of a FIRPTA clause which frees them from the withholding tax provision. You aren’t going to offer legal advice, so you contact your title agent. Many title offices are staffed by very competent agents but not by real estate attorneys. Their attorney might be miles away. At ITP our attorney is on-site and managing the file. Legal matters, issues and problems are bread and butter to us.

So, if there is a legal issue that requires an attorney to take control, at ITP we have that covered. Wanting our Realtors to beable to relax is just one of the advantages of giving us your title order.

If You Are the Seller

As the Seller you will provide the title insurance for the Buyer and you will pay the premium. You are also going to pay sales commission, settlement fees and so on. Selling property can be expensive! Here are two advantages of asking your Realtor to send the title order to us.

No Closing Fee. Many title companies charge a high closing fee on top of the other charges you will pay. At ITP we have one of the most competitive closing fees around. It might not make a huge difference to your overall costs but isn’t it good to know your transaction is being handled by an attorney who won’t load the bill with a several-hundred dollar closing fee?

We Will Come to You. In business and in life, generally, there’s a last-minute problem that keeps you at home or at the office. Or it might not be last-minute; your hectic schedule might just not lend itself to your being absent for a few hours.

Either way, you do not have to attend our office to close – we can come to you. And another benefit of this aspect of our service is that we won’t charge extra.

If You Are the Buyer

As the Buyer of the property you get the benefit of clean title covered by the title insurance policy. The Seller pays for the policy.

Knowing you are covered just in case there is any challenge to your rights is one thing – not that it happens very often, of course. But knowing the search was handled by, not just an agent, but by a real estate attorney should give you an additional level of comfort.

And, of course, the previously mentioned service is also extended to you – if you cannot make the closing table appointment, we will come to you.

Our role is to manage the closing process. Our goal is to make it smooth, painless, less costly, more secure and hassle-free. Whether you are a Realtor, a Seller or a Buyer please feel free to contact us either to have your initial questions answered or, and we will be delighted if you do, to ask us to begin the title work for you.