The costs of selling or buying property can be high. The stress associated with buying or selling is also high. At International Title Partners we believe that you deserve unparalleled levels of service coupled to the lowest costs.

Real estate transaction costs in Florida can be paid by either the Buyer or the Seller. Typically some costs are associated with one or other of the parties and the contract should clarify who pays for what. To take a simple example, the Seller often pays any sales commission while the Buyer pays the mortgage fees, survey costs, and documentary stamp tax on the loan. Some costs are set at a specific rate and some are discretionary. In many instances the actual total amounts that each party will pay are not made clear until either a few days before closing and sometimes not until the day of closing.

Some discretionary charges can come as a surprise.

One example would be how much the settlement agent charges for their services at the closing table. This is often referred to as the closing fee and is on top of all other charges made for title search, Florida Form 9 and so on.

Closing fees can be high, adding many hundreds of dollars to the total cost of the transaction.

At ITP we have an ideal approach to closing fees. The Seller (or, very often, the Seller’s agent) chooses which title company handles the closing. On a standard transaction the Seller pays a very reasonable closing fee. The Buyer will also pay a small fee. Sometimes there are special circumstances. Problems with title can be discovered, for example, and additional time, effort and legal expertise must go into bringing a transaction to completion. When that happens we would, as you might expect, make a charge for that extra work.

You can rest assured, though, that our on-site attorney will supervise the entire transaction, will address all legal issues on your behalf – whether you are the Buyer or the Seller – and we do everything necessary to ensure the closing is smooth and trouble-free. This even goes as far as coming to you if necessary, rather than you having to come to us for the closing.

Coming to you to close is an additional service for which, you will be pleased to learn, there is no extra charge.

Our goal is to provide you with unparalleled levels of service at the lowest possible cost. If you would like us to explain more, please contact us and we will be delighted to answer any and all of your questions.