Real estate transactions can be expensive in both time and money. It is essential that both Buyer and Seller know what their costs will be before they get to the closing table.

Some title rates and fees like title insurance and documentary stamp tax, are at set rates and not subject to negotiation. Other fees are discretionary, so it pays to know what they are, how much they might be and how they are calculated.

Title work is always detailed and can be complicated – the closing officer must search the public records, determine chain of title, address gaps they might find, work with the mortgage lender, keep appropriate parties up to date and carry out numerous other tasks both large and small. All title agents charge a fee for such work. Many also pass on mail and photocopying costs to the Buyer or Seller.

In addition, some title agents add a fee for attending the closing meeting and for finalizing the transaction. Occasionally a closing has to be done at someone’s home or place of employment because of a last-minute problem that raises its head. And for this additional time and effort some title agents add another charge.

It might be quite reasonable to add such charges but it’s not how we work.

We are proud to say we have a welcome approach to such fees. When the Seller or Seller’s agent chooses us to handle the title work, they pay a small, very competitive closing fee on a standard transaction. Occasionally complications arise and additional work has to be done to clear the obstruction so the transaction can close. On those occasions we do, as you might expect, make a small charge for that additional work.

If you are a real estate professional, and you ask us to handle the closing, you can impress your client when you explain their likely total costs by adding that you chose a title company who will charge them a reasonable closing fee.

We would like to show you how we can help you have a smooth closing, so please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.