Whether you are a member of the National Association of Realtors or you, say, work exclusively for a developer you want your clients to see you as a true professional. You go above and beyond. You want to be the person who immediately comes to mind when a friend or family member asks “Who should I work with? Who do you trust?”

You achieve that trusted adviser status in a number of ways – some of them take more effort and time to build than others but there is one simple way for you to add to your reputation as a true professional.

Let’s begin with a quick review of the hallmark qualities that make you stand out from the crowd.

The Firm Foundation

Firstly you are an expert – you know your neighborhoods, the number and the quality of the different properties for sale. You know the local market trends and, of course, you know other trusted professionals to whom you can refer your clients. Some will want an attorney so they can get legal advice and some, if they are out-of-towners, might just want the name of a great restaurant.

Next you have a strong philosophy. You believe in building relationships with each person you work with. You listen to your clients. You ask questions to learn their needs, their wants, their must-haves and their like-to-haves. You also have a clear view of their priorities.

Buyers and Sellers have different needs, wants, worries, fears and goals. But they have one thing in common – they want to rely on you. Armed with the information they give you, you begin working to help them achieve their goals and remove their fears.

More than that – they know it, too.

Which is why they grow to trust you.

You know that many of your clients are local but many are not. They might be snowbirds from out of state and some are even from out of the country. Their experience of buying or selling is often not that extensive so they need you in many ways – whether you are creating a strong marketing plan to sell their present property or searching for their ideal new home.

A Simple Specific

The costs of selling or buying can be high and, often, higher than expected. Both Buyers and Sellers, as you know, think about how much they will either walk away with or must part with at the closing table. Some costs, especially if your client is not local or haven’t done this recently, can come as a shock. You know it is part of good service to keep clients informed as to what the final numbers might be.

Here is where you can help enhance your reputation.

At International Title Partners we have an attorney on site, so legal information is readily available. Knowing that a local attorney will be handling the closing gives many people a sense of security.

And here is a special piece of news it is always good to give. You can confidently say that by closing with us there will be no hidden fees and, definitely, no closing fee. In many instances Sellers, especially, don’t know the final costs until near to closing, so it’s good news that there is one cost they will never have to deal with at International Title Partners.

On top of that, should your client be unable to get to our office to close, we will happily – and at no extra charge – go to them.

If you are always on the look-out for ways to enhance your own reputation – and make the transaction easier and less costly than it might be – please contact us so we can do our part for your clients.