When you buy or sell real estate you want, hope, need – and have a right to expect that – the transaction will close smoothly and on time. You also expect that the fees you pay are fair.

Real estate transactions can be fraught with problems – both the expected and the unforeseen. Successful transactions have some things in common; success is no accident. Yes, they close on time, all work is executed to standard, fees are known and agreed well in advance and problems are handled completely effectively – often without the Buyer or Seller being aware of them.

So choosing the right title company is essential. But it is often something that Buyers and Sellers spend very little time on because the real estate professional makes the decision. And there is nothing at all wrong with that – as long as they choose wisely because all title companies are not the same.

Many closings in Florida are handled by closing or settlement officers. In those cases, legal questions and potential problems resulting from title searches are passed to an attorney to address. In many instances the attorney is off-site and might even be in another town altogether. If the attorney is responsible for several offices their workload could be high. This could cause a communication or time delay problem.

Closing fees, in addition to regular title work could be higher simply to reflect the practicalities of a situation like this.

Buying and selling are stressful enough, so it is prudent to choose a title company which can offer specific advantages. For example it could pay dividends for the attorney responsible for your transaction to be on site, so any issues – expected or unforeseen – can be addressed speedily.

It is also good to know that the title company you choose does not charge additional closing fees for their work. And that should you need it, the closing will be handled at a location of your choice. You might not be able to leave your place of employment because of your own unforeseen problem or you might be stuck at home. Closings, especially where there’s a mortgage involved, cannot just be delayed because of inconvenience. Knowing that the closing officer can come to you might not only save the sale but also keep those stress levels in check.

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