For many people, a title insurance policy seems like minor risk-mitigation insurance. Title insurance is much more than a minor risk, it protects your right to own the home your children will grow up in, you use to start your real estate portfolio, or you enjoy your retirement in. Whether it is from problems with the deeds, examining records, fraud or unreported heirs/owners, title insurance protects your purchase from the disaster of suddenly finding out your home is someone else’s and you have nothing.

Legacy Starts Young

Many people looking for a home are looking for a safe place they can raise their children in, meet the neighbors, send their kids to good schools. The cost of homes in certain neighborhoods are similar, so having title insurance protects not only the financial investment you put into your home, but also protects those intangibles that turn a building into your home.

Whether you are starting a family, or enjoying a growing flock, or downsizing to something just right for you, title insurance gives you the piece of mind knowing that in the event something goes horribly wrong with your title, you will have the financial ability to buy another comparable home in a similar community.

Protection Against Mistakes

The costs of legal issues can often be overlooked in the excitement of purchasing your home, but the tiniest mistake can cause very large problems. When it comes to legal documents, a nefarious party can find mistakes and use them against you, title insurance is there to protect you against any reasonable mistake made in closing processes and paperwork. Also, title insurance protects you against the slim possibility that the seller has committed fraud, neglected to keep other owners informed of the transaction or intends to commit any other wrongful act.

For the sake of your piece of mind, and in order to insure the value of your property, choose a title insurance company you can trust. Please contact us for more details about our no hidden fees policies.